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Our Company

The company & its purpose.

Mg Costa Blanca living is a start-up that using new technologies and expert workforce in the sector, wants to facilitate and make more enjoyable the buying and/or refurbishing process for anyone. Therefore, Mg allows the buyer to be in contact with an unique coordinator called Real Estate Personal Shopper or Home Hunter who will exclusively be in line with the buyer's interests, always giving him/her information regarding pros, cons and best practises for the purchase to be a more transparent, secure and qualitative process. We do not only look for a home that meets your requirements but we accompany and assess you for all the remaining needs, giving you an integrated and personalised service.

Stéphanie Marchal, CEO of Mg Costa Blanca Living, master degree by the faculty of Economics, bilingual in Spanish, French and English and passionate about housing world, has been managing project and assets since more than 15 years. Together with experts in the sector, she designed and coordinated the constructio of the family home, realising the importance of a centralised coordination representing the interests of the buyer for a major transparency and qualitative results as a whole. Avoiding so unnecessary delays in time, problems and troubles. 

MG Costa Blanca Living


The desire to help other people to achieve that same dream in a country where they may not be fluent in the language, led her to create a business that rigorously and fairly assists everyone who wants to undertake this trip, helping them with all the necessary procedures or services so that the purchase and/or reform process remains enjoyable, satisfactory, and tailored.

We are available from the moment of searching a house, financing possibilities, profitability analysis, actual and remaining potentials… up to needs after the purchase.
As a Real Estate "Personal Shopper", our main goal is to find a house for all families that want it to become their ideal home and make their dream come true without unnecessary worries.

Our services

Mg Costa Blanca living helps you also to sell your home.

If you want to sell your home, we will make an appropriate valuation and see what potential the home still has in the current market. Homestaging is also possible. Professional advice is a key factor for selling a house. Rarely, we find a home at first sight that has everything we want, a visit of it and an in-depth study within the recent market, allows us to guide, assist and inform the buyer from the moment of publication of the property. In addition being able to give advice and more specific information about possible improvements or potential depending on their taste and desires can be often an asset for a faster sale.
As Real Estate Personal Shopper, we can go beyond to make your property more attractive to the actual market.
Contact Mg Costa Blanca living, we will be very happy to help you!

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